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Maple Leaf Real Estate


Maple Leaf lies between I-5 in the West and Lake City Way in the East. Situated in Northeast Seattle and bordered by Roosevelt neighborhood in the South and Northgate in the North.

Maple Leaf Real Estate

Maple Leaf is an exceptional neighborhood nestled in Northeast Seattle. Furthermore, living in Maple Leaf offers an array of wonderful benefits that make it an ideal place to call home.  Maple Leaf also is the third highest location in Seattle at 466 feet above sea level.

With its serene and picturesque environment, the neighborhood is adorned with beautiful, tree-lined streets, providing a scenic backdrop for daily walks or leisurely bike rides. Moreover, the lush greenery creates a peaceful ambiance that residents appreciate and cherish.

Whether you prefer the charm of a cozy single-family home, the convenience of an apartment, or the low-maintenance lifestyle of a townhouse, you'll find suitable options to meet your needs. Additionally, the variety of housing styles adds to the neighborhood's appeal and ensures there is something for everyone.

Furthermore, the neighborhood is situated in a prime location, providing easy access to nearby amenities and attractions. For instance, Maple Leaf Park, with its signature water tower, sprawling green spaces, play fields, playground, and views of the Space Needle and downtown offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and group gatherings. Maple Leaf real estate is truly unique.

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